Avon Pro Sport and Pro Extreme packaging design
  • Client: Avon
  • Category: Personal Care

“The Evolving Man. The man who’s aware that the world, and his place in it, are changing all the time. Age and increased income provide some of the impetus to
evolve.Other influences are the effects of design and fashion, health and wellness on his life. He is growing more aware of all these things and has the
sense of adventure to go along, at least in some of these changing aspects of his life.”



Project Goals

  • Create brand relevance for today’s market
  • Respond to a growing market for men’s personal care products

Of Note

  • Our in-depth creative exploration (PROCEDE®) defined the evolving male consumer, his design sensibilities and product desires, while opening the door for a full spectrum of men’s grooming and personal care products
  • Clean, energetic design elements
  • Unique color palettes communicate maximum performance
  • “Pro Extreme” Speaks to a more sophisticated sensibility
  • “Pro Sport” Speaks to a more casual, sports-minded male