Havahart brand product line packaging design
  • Client: Woodstream Corporation
  • Category: Lawn & Garden

Project Goals:

  • Move up to a more premium position versus competitors
  • Increase ease of product differentiation and consumer selection
  • Rejuvenate the brand and generate excitement among retailers

“As the trusted market leader of caring control products for pets and wild life, Havahart® offers homeowners and landscaping/gardening enthusiasts with the most eco-friendly, humane and highly efficacious animal repellents & live animal traps on the market. We thrive to provide innovative technology and greater functionality with patented, premium solutions directed at increasing the ease of removing or repelling nuisance animals.”



Of Note

  • PROCEDE® method was instrumental in uncovering strengths, deficiencies, potential opportunities, threats, and competitive standing
  • Consistent information hierarchy helps consumers more easily compare to competitors and make product choices
  • Big & Bold product name supports product performance claims and stands out on shelf
  • Illustrations by Emily Damstra replaced low quality and awkward photography, while raising the perceived quality bar so high as to be untouchable


  • American Package Design Award