Delfi brand chocolate packaging redesign
  • Client: PT.Ceres
  • Category: Candy & Confections, Snack Foods, Gourmet

“The Delfi brand was introduced in the 1980’s and became well-known throughout Europe and Asia for its quality and taste. But, today’s global- brand competition issued a challenge to focus on differentiation. This was done with careful brand mark updates, packaging color systems and illustrative appetite appeal. The result is a more dynamic presence that consumers still recognize as their own.”



Project Goals

  • Improve flavor differentiation and appetite appeal
  • Compete head-to-head with Western brands

Of Note

  • The new chocolate packaging design is evolutionary to assure consumers that this is the same, great Delfi bar they’ve always known
  • A new, “two-tiered” color code was introduced to clarify flavor choices while maintaining the signature red across the line
  • The color system synchronizes with other PT.Ceres chocolates and branding strategies
  • Highly-realistic illustration (Jon Rosenbaum) was recommended as the best solution for a rich and appetizing presentation
  • The “splash” reinforces dairy milk ingredients and supports a marketing tagline, “Ski the new wave of milk chocolate”