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snack packaging design potato chip design

Madhouse Munchies is an independently owned, father-and-son hand-crafted potato chip company. They make an outstanding, delicious and flavorful potato chip. Their biggest hurdle is getting distribution.


  • LOGO With a name like Madhouse, rules are for breaking. That being said, the existing logo looks as if the designer may have run out of crayons. We see an opportunity to take this lighthearted line art and bring it to the next level.
  • HIERARCHY Our eyes seemed to be pulled in every conceivable direction. A lot of conflicting angles, shapes and disparate elements do not draw the consumers attention to any one thing.
  • CHARACTERS With a tight budget, there is no room for fully developing these unfinished, imaginary characters. They do not bring much to the brand and, as with all of the other elements, simply distract from the goal.
  • COLOR The black background and diagonal red band seem to indicate a warning of some kind. It does not strike any positive connotations or help with variant differentiation.


  • LOGO The Madhouse Munchies logo is fully realized here, completely colored with a new, more legible typestyle to create a target for the consumer to focus on and remember. Additional text reinforces the underdog, handcrafted micro-chip. Huge brand awareness!
  • SYSTEM A bright palette of colors immediately identifies flavor to the consumer. No need for extraneous illustrations or noise. The fonts all convey a fun feeling of snacking and compliment the brandmark typography.
  • BRAND STORY We crafted a paragraph of text to tell the Madhouse story along with developing the “Made with 100% Pure Canola Oil” seal. Madhouse was the only chip in the category using Canola Oil to create its unique flavor signature.

When is OnShelf a good fit?

  • When you need a quick idea from a knowledgeable resource.
  • When you want a fast upgrade for a package.
  • When you want a fresh perspective.
  • When you need a proof-of-concept for planning or consumer testing.
  • When you want to sample R.BIRD capabilities with low risk.

How is OnShelf different from typical projects?

In a typical package design program, a wide range of design candidates are developed, tested and refined over many project phases. “OnShelf” offers R.BIRD expertise without the commitment to many steps, longer times and higher costs.

How does OnShelf work?


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