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A series of professional observations about package design practices within specific product categories

About Patterns

Patterns is a series of professional observations about package design practices within specific product categories - brought to you by the design team at R.BIRD.

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Combined into a 220-page full-color Paperback or PDF: All 11 reports, including this one, have been updated with new observations, image galleries, brand and keyword indexes.

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You can still read the original reports here online FREE, but these reports do not include the updates.


Each report exposes design patterns recognized in a specific product category, revealing opportunities for your product to compete for consumer attention in a real-world scenario, whether through integration or differentiation.

How do we do it?
Armed with digital cameras and notepads, our designers visit retail outlets and observe product packaging in its natural habitat. We then purchase a selection of examples and bring them back to R.BIRD for closer study. The packages are photographed and analyzed by the team in search of common design threads and patterns of opportunity throughout the category.

Interested in a custom report?
We can expand further on a report we've already published or we can build a custom report specifically suited for your business initiative. Interested parties should contact Joseph Favata, Creative Director, at 914-989-9300 to learn more or to make a request.

Online-only reports

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