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Ask Marivi: Expert guidance about design for Latin appeal.

Who is Marivi?

I am a bilingual communications designer with hands on experience working in the Latin American market, 8 years in Peru and one year in NY at R.BIRD. I have a unique multicultural background that helps me understand behaviors and attitudes of the Latinos in North America, that translates to my work with an international point of view.

I have worked in developing packaging, collateral, merchandising and advertising campaigns as well as Corporate ID pieces for important international companies such as BBVA Bank, Toyota, Senegocia.com, Alprosa and Grupo Gloria, some of them exported to several other South American countries.

During my stay at TBWA\Worldwide and TBWA\Chiat in 2001 I was involved in designing some pieces that were going to have exposure in both Latin America and the US.

I also have knowledge in French and photography, have studied at a Private Arts Institute in Peru, worked for StudioA/IDP International and for TBWA\Internadina until Feb 2001.

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