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Thanksgiving with Latin flavor

Thanksgiving is one of those American holidays that I celebrate since living in the US, and I have to say is one of my favorite ones because it is surrounded by the warm colors of the fall and the festive and country elements of the harvest like apples, pumpkins etc., but specially because it’s a day where we blend two cultures and make just one.

As I write this note, “se me hace agua a la boca,” (my mouth melts) just thinking about the great dishes that will be served along side the traditional turkey and stuffing. Of course it all depends on what country one comes from. For example, one of my Mexican friends will serve tortillas and “pico de gallo” on the side, while my Puerto Rican girlfriend will serve “mofongo” because it’s a dish that can never be left out at a great celebration. In our end we will have two turkeys, one prepared the American way, the other, “al estilo criollo” to satisfy all those picky eaters. Not to mentioned special desserts to add to the pumpkin pie, like Coconut Flan.

In this holiday it doesn’t matter what we’ll eat at the end. What matters is that people that come from different ways will unite at a table to give THANKS. Gracias.


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