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"terra.com" - website redesign

Navigating through one of my favorite sites in Spanish this morning, the “terra.com” ad banner on top of the page caught my eye, and so I decided to check it out after a long time that I haven’t seen their page. To my great surprise their site is now all nice, clean and so easy to read.

Their feature article today was of “New Moon’s” wolves: Alex Meraz and Kiowa Gordon. On the side as secondary info was a note about Shakira as well as of Alejandro Fernandez. On top, in the menu, good links of interest such as “Inmigración” or ¡Muy Latino! Their content is a mix of English headlines and many articles or videos in Spanish. This goes for advertising too. My feeling is that their readers are fluent in both languages.

For such an important site for Latinos with deep amounts of relevant information from sports, news and entertainment it was time for this redesign to come. Very good. ¡Muy bueno!





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