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Taschen's new "Latin American Graphic Design" 2008

I just came across a new book that looks interesting and that I am tempted to buy! It is Taschen’s new “Latin American Graphic Design” by Wiedemann, Julius / Taborda, Felipe (ED).

As you know with the growing and growing Hispanic population in the US it is paramount to stay in track of what tendencies are hot in the southern region. Not to say that Hispanics in the US look at what comes from Latin America and follow trend, but because its influence, at least to me, it’s like a circle effect. What happens in the US influences south and the other way round.

The authors who are Brazilian (designer Felipe Taborda has worked with SVA’s Acting Chairman Milton Glaser) have a rich resume in graphic design. Also the book features [the development of graphic design in the region from 1900 to current times]*.

What I like about the description of the book is that gives examples from decades ago to today. What a great mix, history and graphic design!



*extract from Taschen
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