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PBS Fiesta Latina USA - Performance at the White House 2009

Everybody knows PBS station for their great cultural, rich and interesting programming. From its children’s amazing, educational and healthy shows like Sesame Street, Curious George and Thomas, to their vast research series like NOVA or just Antique Roadshow.

It’s no wonder then, that such great station have PBS Latin Music USA, an area of their programming if I am not wrong, where you can learn about a wide range of Latin artists, resources of Latin music, like “batanga.com” and for not to say the least amazing events like the “Fiesta Latina” at the White House! As from last night if you go to PBS’s site you can see the full episode of the Performance/Show. You will delight yourself with your favorite Latin artists like Jennifer Lopez and husband Marc Anthony, Thalia, Jose Feliciano, Tito “El Bambino,” Jimmy Smits among others very famous either performing or dancing to the tunes of Gloria Estefan.

The special runs for almost 60 minutes, and of course and cannot end this note mentioning that I loved the festive colorful and warm décor of red, fuchsias and yellow tablecloths with matching gerberas on all tables. I can’t talk enough of the show. Have a peak and enjoy it yourself at: PBS .

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