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New! "¡Viva Daisy!" at the Food Network
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I love to cook, so I am no stranger to watching food shows on tv. Every now and then I would tune “Daisy Cooks” on Create and see Daisy prepare Arroz con Pollo and other traditional Latin meals. Her show to me had a unique style, much like a vintage film, a cooking show from the late 90’s. The ambiance and décor of her kitchen were a bit blah, but made her cooking style and dishes stand out.

I am happy to see her now much modernized in her new show called “¡Viva Daisy!” at the Food Network. She has a new gorgeous white set. Can’t wait to see her prepare the Barbecued Short Ribs of Beef - Tira de Asado or her Rack of Lamb “Dos Chiles” yum, delicioso!!!

Let’s not forget to mention that her show logo is bright, happy and feminine. She has chosen bright lime green and orange with touches of citrusy yellow. The typography is classic but has flirty and yet playful twist to it with how they have played with size and placement. Love those Spanish tilted exclamation points ¡ & !. ¡Viva Daisy! Can’t wait to watch a new episode…Buen Provecho.



Logo Source: Food Network. com


Posted by: Laurene Benke at August 17, 2009 5:56 PM

I am so sorry that I can't get the show on my Food Network Channel her in La Mirada, California. I don't know why. They advertised your premier and I tuned in only to see something else. My sister in Mission Viejo has it on her Food Network channel. What's the problem? I really enjoyed Daisy when she was on PBS and really related to her and her cooking!

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