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Ask Marivi: Expert guidance about design for Latin appeal.

More Hispanic Talent on Main TV

It is interesting to see new TV shows inspired by the Hispanic Culture. For example there is a new cooking show on Food Tv called “Simply Delicioso” with Colombian host Ingrid Hoffmann. Her last name if far from sounding Hispanic but as I mentioned before we all come from different backgrounds and still are very Hispanic. Her kitchen décor is very bright, it is lime green with red accent accesories, this reminds me to granny smith and red delicious apples as always many Latinas feel comfortable decorating with nature inspired colors. Her recipes are very creative, I love that she is introducing new ingredients that are typical from Peru, like the “canchita” a corn originally from the Peruvian Andes which when cooked, it pops in the inside.

Another TV celebrity that is introducing Hispanic talent and flavor is Rachely Ray in her Every Day Magazine. She has Daisy Martinez with “Mucho Gusto” (cooking) column and Evette Rios (interior design ) with “Kitchen Fix”.

Image Source: FoodTV.com


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