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Ask Marivi: Expert guidance about design for Latin appeal.

Hispanic Online Marketing - Insights
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A recent mini article on Business Week Magazine (07/09/07) E-Commerce, talks about how missed the Latino market still is. It also mentions that from 102 leading online retailers they looked at, only 18 offered any Spanish text with barely any support. After reading the article I thought this might be a good topic to write about.

Of course we are in the United States of America where English is spoken, so why would all retailers convert themselves into the Spanish speaking world when offering online? Simple because the web is not the US or any land in specific. It is an electronic universe. No wonder people call it cyberspace or the world wide web. That being said a company could have its headquarters inland in the US, but when living and selling online it is just different, there is no mandatory language to be used (I guess). So it makes sense to offer the option En Español and broaden the spectrum of potential Hispanic consumers.

The latent and huge Hispanic Business opportunity relies on serving the Hispanic consumer who lives in the US as well as the one who lives in Spain and Latin America. These people are having better internet connections at their community, at home or at the “cyber café” they use to get connected. They are evolving constantly so much it is known they are becoming more comfortable making purchases online. This topic was talked about deeply in the ad:tech show in Miami last June. So there are facts.

Companies should not be afraid in making a small En Español site to start. Even if it only is for Q&A’s [Preguntas más frequentes] or for the merchandise on “sale” [en venta, de rebaja]. Hispanic consumers are very smart and when targeting them sincerely you could have won their loyal hearts online.




Posted by: Juan at November 21, 2007 1:00 PM

I totally agree w/you Marivi. I am a strong believer in this segment of the market (biased opinion--Soy Latino). Once corporate America sees the $$$$ I'm sure they will make their presence felt.

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