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Common Mistakes in Bilingual Packaging

The raising Hispanic population in the US over the years has forced many companies to offer a better package design to reach its Spanish speaking consumers, and so they are making it bilingual. It is no surprise that fields from baby products to home improvement have taken that step and are trying to make a better offer and they are trying to better communicate.

In random shopping trips I came across a variety of products that had translation mistakes from words in Spanish missing letters, to products carrying a “free translation” looking copy on the front of their package. Some products copy is translated just right. In others there is an evident lack of spell check or meaning check. With time hopefully words will become accurate in this practice .

Bottom line is not only to offer your product in different languages but to offer it just right that the words you use reach your customer.

Here are some samples.
1. “Impia” instead of “Limpia” (clean) Belongs to Sesame Street Table Topper
2. “Derramiento” instead of “Derramamiento” (to spill) For more info on this word Belongs to Munchkin Cup
3. “Tocodor” instead of “Tocador” (vanity) Belongs to a Home Improvement store






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