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"Terra Twitter" coming soon / ¡Twitter estará en Terra!
According to "Terra.Es" they are working on bringing... terratwitter.jpg continue »

"terra.com" - website redesign
Navigating through one of my favorite sites in Spanish the... terra2.jpg continue »

Hylands - Comienzos Saludables Website
I recently learned of Comienzos Saludables... hylands1.jpg continue »

Smart Campaign - Voto Latino on iTunes
I recently came across VotoLatino.org. A nonpartisan organization which promotes voter empowerment in... votolatino.jpg continue »

Time Magazine Names Top 25 Sites
A few months ago I wrote a topic about the improvements Captura Group had made to GobiernoUSA.gov site. Today USA.gov is being... 25sites.jpg continue »

Hispanic Online Marketing - Insights (1 comments)
A recent mini article on Business Week Magazine (07/09/07) E-Commerce, talks about how missed the Latino market still is. It also mentions that... Title_Internet.jpg continue »

The "adtech Miami" Event Experience
I just came back from ad:tech Miami 2007 conference. Weather was good, not to hot, not too cool, perfect I would say, and location... adtech_04.jpg continue »

USA.gov launches GobiernoUSA.gov (en Español)
Captura Group has given a design refresh to "GobiernoUSA.gov" site. The "old" site had a perception that the site was not an.... GobiernoUSAGov.jpg continue »

Hispanics and the Internet (1 comments)
Everyday more Hispanics are using the internet as the main source of information for their needs. A big untraditional change since the times of our "abuelitas" where mainly, information came from friends, family or aquaintances. This change is important because... Title_Internet.jpg continue »

ad:tech miami "Speaking the Right Language: Engaging with Hispanic and Latin Audiences"
Needless to say there is a latent opportunity to reach those millions of Hispanic and Latin American consumers out there who browse... adtech_front.jpg continue »

How Latinos Read the News - Website Design (2 comments)
A long time ago I wanted to write once again about website design for Latino appeal (or why not for everybody's better... 20min_01.jpg continue »

Telemundo & Yahoo en Español Launch Co-Branded Site (1 comments)
Yahoo en Español and the US Spanish speaking network Telemundo have launched a co-branded site:... Yahoo_Telemundo.jpg continue »

Comidas Kraft - Online (10 comments)
Kraft has a very neat Bilingual website where you can... Kraft01.jpgcontinue »

FedEx offers Spanish Customer Service
In FedEx's main page currently you can find an ad promoting their... Fedex_02.jpg continue »

Hispanic/Latino Sites (7 comments)
The other day I received an inquiry about suggestions for creating a Latino site. Since I am not an expert in website design I did research on several Latino/Hispanic sites and made some observations... continue »

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