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Thanksgiving with Latin flavor
Thanksgiving is one of those American holidays that I... gracias.jpg continue »

Raising a Bilingual Child in the US
Raising a child nowadays in the US with a set of parents both... bilingue.jpg continue »

PBS Fiesta Latina USA - Performance at the White House 2009
Everybody knows PBS station for their great cultural, rich... latinmusicusa1.jpg continue »

New! "¡Viva Daisy!" at the Food Network (1 comments)
I love to cook so I am no stranger to watching Food... vivadaisy.jpg continue »

University of Texas - Teaching Mariachi
Did you know that University of Texas has a music department where they teach... continue »

What does Obama, West Side Story and Walgreen's have in common? (1 comments)
Bilingual topics are one of the many I have written in Ask Marivi and I think so far it is one of the most popular themes in articles around... walgreens.jpg continue »

In a world of 3 different kinds of Spanish - dictionaries (1 comments)
Last year while working on a bilingual package design, the copy handed to us by the translations company came... diccionaries.jpg continue »

In an "ABSOLUT" world - Mexico looks bigger than it is (2 comments)
It is interesting to see how burried issues from the past are still live and even serve as inspiration for current advertising... absolut-mexico.jpg continue »

Are we becoming Bilingual? (9 comments)
I don't know what happened yesterday but the bilingual topic in the US was all over tv in different ways. First, Disney's channel was... PaulinaHolguin.jpg continue »

Hispanic Beauty Trends (1 comments)
Beauty trends in the US have changed dramatically in the last 10 years. I remember browsing my... Opi-FaceNails.jpg continue »

RBD's crossover and success
Long time ago I wanted to find a great example of a product (anything) created in Latin America (for Latin audiences) but that had American and Hispanic appeal as well, a product that... RBD.jpg continue »

NYC - Latin Grammy's 2006
Outstanding performace of Shakira, Ricky Martin, Alejandro Sanz! continue »

America becoming a Latin Nation
Since Rose Arce and I share the commonality of being from Peru in some sort of way. I want to share with you an excerpt from her post at CNN 360º Blog. It talks about America's Latinization... continue »

Caught up in Brands
This week my husband and I will celebrate our wedding anniversary and that brought memories of when we got engaged. Back then in South America, besides... continue »

Handy Manny - The new Latin Cartoon Hero (1 comments)
What a great idea from Disney to create a bilingual cartoon character like "Handy Manny"! A young man who fixes all neighbors house... HandyManny.jpg continue »

Home Depot launches "Colores Origenes"
What a great idea to create a paint palette inspired from the culture in Latin America and the Caribbean. Home Depot definitely is a step ahead from many companies targeting Hispanic consumers, like caring in communicating properly in their native... continue »

Creating Hispanic Eye Care Awareness
There is a Hispanic saying that says: "Ojos sólo hay uno". Eyes you have only one. So it is really important to pay attention and take care of... continue »

Spanish Idiomatic Expressions & Names (1 comments)
Idiomatic expressions are a smart way to communicate with the Hispanic Market. Why? Because this... continue »

Hispanics/Latinos are expressing themselves with fashion
I am always interested in how we Latinos like to express ourselves. As you know we do in many different forms. Usually and more commonly through... cafepress_01.jpg continue »

Eva Longoria - The New Latino Reality
Reading thru several articles the theme of the "nuevo Latino" called my attention. As mainstream companies currently are spending more... EvaLongoria_Pepsi_02.jpg continue »

Blueberry in Spanish (32 comments)
How do you say "Blueberry" in Spanish?. We want to know how you call it. It will be fun to see all the "variations" the Spanish language... Blueberry.jpg continue »

Happy Valentine's Day - Feliz Día de San Valentín
Happy Valentine's Day. Give Love, Share Love. Be Happy. Don't have any ideas to give....Feliz Día de San Valentín, Día del Amor y la Amistad, un día especial para demostrar a ese alguien a quien... TeAmoBear.jpg continue »

"Gordito" Doesn't Mean Healthy - A book for Latina moms
A few months ago Dr. Claudia González, R. D sent me a note letting me know about her outcoming book: "Gordito, Doesn't Mean Healthy", what every Latina mother needs to know to raise, fit, happy, healthy kids and its here now. You can buy... Gordito01.jpg continue »

Feliz Año Nuevo! Happy New Year! I hope this year brings you the best in life....!!! I am almost certain that every country in the world has a unique interesting tradition which is... NewYear.jpg continue »

Scent is Very Important
Last night while walking thru my CVS pharmacy a young Latino couple called my attention. They were opening and smelling... continue »

Spanglish (1 comments)
We use it everyday. It is a mix of English and Spanish. Is it becoming a language? Spanglish words sound funny to me, but to many they are the right words to describe what they want to say. There is even a... Spanglish1.jpg continue »

Mexican Street Graphics (1 comments)
There is a very unique exhibition of ¡Sensational Mexican Graphics at the American Institute of Graphic Arts in New York City. The exhibition is organized accordingly to the AIGA by Juan Carlos Mena, Oscar Reyes and... mexican_graph-1.jpg continue »

Dora the Explorer (5 comments)
I am delighted with Dora the Explorer show at Nickelodeon channel! This little Latina character not only is a role model for children but for parents too, she teaches words in Spanish and... Dora_the_Explorer.jpg continue »

Latino Recipes (2 comments)
Food. Who doesn't like to eat "rico" this days? I am going to share with you a deliciuos Peruvian appetizer I know other Latinos enjoy very much. I am also very interested in getting to know what other dishes you love... continue »

"Oye Broder" - Spanglish (5 comments)
Have you ever watched George Lopez at ABC? or sung Livin' la vida loca from Ricky Martin? well both for... continue »

Thanksgiving- Cmo la pasas tu ? (5 comments)
For some Latinos Thanksgiving is a regular day, for others is a way of following the American tradition. It's a... continue »

Hispanics Spend More Time Online (1 comments)
Hispanic Americans spend more time a week connected to the internet than non-Hispanics. The difference is even more at work hours 13.8 hours for Hispanics and 9.6 for non-Hispanics... continue »

Does Latino Appeal "turn-off" non Hispanics? (2 comments)
I do not think Latin Appeal turns-off non-Hispanic buyers. It all depends on the concept you have on how Latin packaging is. Like everything else there exists products with good and bad... continue »

Hispanic or Latino? (26 comments)
The US government, trying to find a correct term for this group of people immigrating to the US and speaking Spanish, came up with the term"Hispanic" for it is the language the most important fact that ties all people coming from Spain, Mexico, Central and South America... continue »

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