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Demographics & Statistics

A Trillion Dollar by 2010
U.S. Hispanic purchasing power has grown nearly $700 billion and is expected to grow even more up till $1 Trillion by 2010. Between 1994 and 2004 the Hispanic purchasing power grew... muchomoney.jpg continue »

Hispanic Buying Power (8 comments)
Currently Hispanic Buying Power is around $499 Billion a year or more! That's a big number to take into consideration when trying to target more consumers in the every category... buying_power_04.jpg continue »

12.5% of the US Population is Hispanic (3 comments)
Hispanics represent 12.5% or more of the US population today according to the US Census Bureau, surpassing that of African Americans. They represent a major marketplace because their population is younger than average, 25 years comparing to 35 of non-Hispanics. Personally, I think that the real number is bigger and that means that this group is becoming mainstream, they have necessities, and new products can be created or adjusted for them... continue »

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