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Ask Marivi: Expert guidance about design for Latin appeal.

Brand & Packaging

Wording - "CORNY"
What does “corny” mean? You know, it means different things. In Spanish, it does not mean anything. Sounds like an... continue »

Rice Works
I am loving RiceWorks packaging design. Why? Its simple Its fresh Love the clean white background Love how they show... continue »

Common Mistakes in Bilingual Packaging
The raising Hispanic population in the US over the years... tabletopper.jpg continue »

La Brea Jalapeno Bread (1 comments)
Have you noticed the "Jalapeño Cheddar Bread" from Shop Rite? I think its pretty original flavor for a bread, from... continue »

In Lima, simplicity is still a trend in package design (1 comments)
I have always talked about that package design in Latin America is simpler... simple01.jpg continue »

la placita
The future of Hispanic bodegas are definitely to become supermarkets. Yesterday driving specially to a nearby bodega I was happily... continue »

Quinoa Shampoo and Amaranth Conditioner by Davies Gate (3 comments)
Milk with Amaranth (kiwicha) powder to drink before going to... quinoa-amaranth.jpg continue »

New! Eva Mendes "Vida" Home Décor Line (3 comments)
Gorgeous Hispanic actress Eva Mendes who starred in... vida-evamendez.jpg continue »

New! "Star" Condensed Milk for Hispanics? (1 comments)
went to the supermarket to stock up on condensed milk to... star.jpg continue »

Thank You "Mucho", from Hallmark Cards (1 comments)
I love Hallmark stationary. Since I was a little girl I fell... thankumucho.jpg continue »

New! Stonyfield "YoBaby" Greener and Bilingual Package
While looking for a baby yogurt among the see of pale and bright colors... yobaby-baby.jpg continue »

Interview with Edna Rodriguez, independent associate of Mía Mariú. (1 comments)
Ask Marivi also talked with Edna Rodriguez, one of Mía Mariú’s associates and asked her about her experience being a member... mia-edna-interview.jpg continue »

Interview with Ms. Maria Eugenia Bermúdez Price, CEO of Mía Mariú. The first network marketing company targeting Latinas. (2 comments)
The beauty and health industry has come a long way in creating an extensive array of products for women. Different colors, shades and... mia-mariu.jpg continue »

"Always" going "pequeñito"
Travel sized packages are very convenient when we are away from home or when we want our favorite products to... always.jpg continue »

"Maybelline New York" Bright, Bilingual and Latino appeal packaging (1 comments)
As I was walking through the cosmetic aisle of a nation wide pharmacy a big splash of color caught my eye. This is... maybelline2.jpg continue »

Krasdale's "Latino Blend"
Spanish and Mexican (Hispanic) cuisine's have become part of today's American diet. If you turn your head right or left you'll see... Krasdale-Latino.jpg continue »

Is the future of US packaging bilingual? Zanahoria.
A carrot speaking Spanish? nah!..its the greens section on the produce isle at my local grocery store that is sellling ready... fresh-express.jpg continue »

Naming: Danone's "Danino" Yogurt. Does it mean harmful? (8 comments)
While doing a research on DHA's beneficial intake I happened to stumble with new Danone's Group "Danino"... danino-opt3.jpg continue »

About Packaging: "La Yogurt" (1 comments)
Today I stopped at a Hispanic Deli around the corner from my office to buy a yogurt for breakfast. I bought a low fat peach flavor from... LaYogurt.jpg continue »

"Havanna" Alfajores - "Havanna" Soft filled cookies (14 comments)
It has been a while that I had an Alfajor de la Havanna brand on my hands. Looking at it carefully and sighing before... Havanna_Alfajor.jpg continue »

"Rubia" Lipstick by M.A.C and Paulina Rubio (2 comments)
Paulina Rubio creates new color lipstick together with M.A.C. Cosmetics. (NEW YORK) She may be a multi-platinum international pop star,... continue »

"Comidas Caseras" Hispanic Homestyle Recipes
Browsing the Packaging section of the Dec. '06 Graphic Design USA Magazine I noticed this new Hispanic product: "Comidas Caseras" a line of... comidascaseras.jpg continue »

Nabisco's - Limited Edition "Oreo Dulce de Leche" (4 comments)
For those Oreo cookies and "Dulce de Leche" lovers, Nabisco has put in the market a combination of the... Oreo_Face.jpg continue »

Aterciopelados "Oye"
How nice to find a good piece of artwork this days....I just happened to see the lastest Cd cover from Colombian rock band, Grammy nominated... Aterciopelados-Oye.jpg continue »

Terro Brand Redesign and Bilingual Packaging
Charming Tom Kraatz read our interview at Packaging World Magazine and contacted us to refresh his Terro® Brand. The entire line of... Terro-Translation.jpg continue »

New Tampico - Tropical Flavored Waters
I think it is worth mentioning the launch of Tampico's new Tropical Flavored Waters as a new product targeted to Hispanics. Altough there is... Tampico_Waters.jpg continue »

More Hispanic Energy Drinks
Walking thru a very Hispanic neighborhood I noticed a lot of Red Bull cans in the garbage bin in the corner. I went to get a... Energia-Fuerte.jpg continue »

McDonald's - Bilingual New Asian Salad Ads
Companies trying to tap more ethnic consumers with different palates... MC-Both.jpg continue »

Smaller Containers - Familiarity and Indulgence
In this days of extra large and biggie size portions everywhere....... I found Activia's Yogurt size container (113 g) a... Yogurts_01.jpg continue »

ACT II Popcorn - Is Bilingual Too
As part of my collection of observations on what products are becoming bilingual, I just came across before popping a bag in the... ACTII_Logo.jpg continue »

GenSpec Vitaminas y Suplementos Genéticamente Específicos
We at RBIRD designed the Brand & Package for GenSpec, the World's First Genetically Specific Vitamins & Supplements and they have launched today! This products addresses effectively the vitamins deficiencies in... Genspec01.jpg continue »

Vicks Casero (2 comments)
With its natural honey color, product name in Spanish and a smaller container in comparison to other US cold medicines, "Vicks Casero" is a product made in Mexico that... casero_01.jpg continue »

Mexico Inspired Nail Colors (7 comments)
Currently OPI for its Spring/Summer 06 collection has launched an advertising campaing inspired by Mexico and its rich culture. Colorful big beaded necklaces, flowery... Opi-Text.jpg continue »

Mistake in translation
After a day of skiing, I had to do a load of laundry. So I went to get single use little box of detergent and fabric softener sheets at a vending machine. To my surprise the product... Suavizador.jpg continue »

Trend: Bilingual is not an Option
Lately bilingual packaging is in demand, a must I have to say to new products coming out to the market or to products being refreshed.....to read more about this observation... trendtendencia.jpg continue »

More Bebidas Energéticas - Energy Drinks
It seems that Latinos drink a lot of Energy Drinks that almost a handful of companies are making drinks with us in mind. The packaging design of "Caballo Negro" one of the brands I found is... Cab_Negro1.jpg continue »

Everlast Latino - Productos Energéticos
How interesting to find new products for the Latino Market! In a recent show I found "Everlast Latino" energy bars and Energy Drink. What caught my attention was the way the colors were used to differentiate... EVERLAST.jpg continue »

Brands Speaking Spanish
I thought it was worth to do a listing of Brands that are investing in the Hispanic Market. This are Brands that have published Ads in... BrandsFocusing.jpg continue »

¡LA FRESCA! New Product for the Hispanic Market
RBIRD has recently completed a new Brand and Package design program targeted for the Hispanic market! "La Fresca is the... LaFresca-3.jpg continue »

Pantene Pro V (3 comments)
To continue with our bilingual findings in store. Here is an... Pantene_group.jpg continue »

Uncle-Tío Ben's with Latino Appeal
Trying to capture more Hispanic rice consumers Uncle Ben's Brand has added some Latin details to their rice box package. I have to say that... TioBens.jpg continue »

Latino Chocolate Kisses
I wanted to share with you this image of Hershey's latest Latino... Thalia_Kisses.jpg continue »

Kotex Addresses Scent to Latinas
Talking the other day that scent es muy importante....I came across this new scented Kotex Lightdays with Latin appeal fragances....
KotexLine-2.jpg continue »

Pepperidge Farm's - Sabor Explosivo
My Latino influenced products hunt is still on. This is one of my recent findings: "Pepperidge Farm's"... SaborExplosivo.jpg continue »

"409" With Latino Appeal
Every visit to my local supermarket is a new exciting one! Yesterday walking thru the isles I found my favorite cleaning product in a...409sample.jpg continue »

New Product! Beech-Nut Naturales
Recently RBIRD had the opportunity to design the line extension of Stage 2, "Beech-Nut Naturales". Baby food with focus on the Hispanic audience. In this new product you will notice: unique and... BeechnutNaturales.jpg continue »

"Mi Bodega" brand coming soon
According to an article published in Terra.com and Supermercados USA, New York's bodega owners are planning to launch a line... continue »

Bilingual Package
I have found that sometimes when trying to design a bilingual package is not that easy. Too many elements and copy in a package can make the design look crowded resulting in a less... Simply_Excerpt.jpg continue »

"Carretilla" D'onofrio
Here is a recent picture of a "carretilla" with lots of sweets and candy...Carretilla.jpg continue »

Aguas Frescas Beverages (1 comments)
Nestle's "Libby's" a well known and familiar brand for us Latinos has introduced among the line of "Kerns All Nectars": "Aguas Frescas" a line of refreshing juice drinks, inspired in the...Aguas.jpg continue »

Is Everything a "Fiesta"? (4 comments)
Marketers know that targeting Hispanics is no easy task. More products everyday modify a small portion of their copy to Spanish to create a feeling of familiarity to appeal to us, but besides translation "interesting" graphic "styles" are converting everything into...Fiesta05.jpg continue »

MI CASA - Hispanic Appeal Brand
Walking around the food aisles at Stop & Shop supermarkets in NY I found a brand called Mi Casa which has Latino appeal to me. Why I say this? The following are my observations... micasa.jpg continue »

CONFERENCE: Food and Beverages for the Hispanic Consumer
Currently the Hispanic Buying Power is reaching $600B in the US and only 5% of budgets are targeted to this very important minority group. Can you imagine how much profit is still there and hasn't been reached? For the happiness of many people interested in learning how to target and communicate effectively to the Hispanic market... Food_Beverage_Chicago.jpg continue »

Product Naming for Latino/Hispanic Appeal (1 comments)
Choosing an appropriate name for you product isn't as easy as it looks. How do you know if the name you have chosen for your product is a good one? To successfully appeal to a Latino/Hispanic audience, it's important to consider how your product name will translate... continue »

Dannon vs. Colombo (4 comments)
What has Dannon new line of yogurt has to do with Latino Appeal? to me it is the new 6 oz. container size witch reminds me the ones I used... continue »

Latino Stock Imagery (5 comments)
I remember when I had to design several brochures for a Spanish bank, how difficult it was to find the right image for representing Latin American people in their environment and their everyday life. Almost all the images were of white people. In the advertising agency where I worked we always asked ourselves why there weren't any stock houses shooting images of Latino's/Hispanics. We needed those kinds of images so much! If we were lucky... continue »

Latino Visual Language (1 comments)
Probably by the fact that many people in Latin America still don't know how to read, many consumers go to the stores or markets and ask for the "red package that has an image of... continue »

Sans Serif Fonts
Examples of sans serif fonts in Latin American packagingIf you take a little time and review some Latin American products as well as Hispanic products on the market right now, you'll see that Sans Serif fonts are more prevalent. However this doesn't mean this a pattern... continue »

Simplicity in Latin Packaging (9 comments)
Reviewing several Latin products, I find a consistent simpler pattern in most all designs. Simplicity meaning less graphic decoration such as: elaborated banners, rich gradients and unique product logos. My first conclusion is "client design budget" as first fact which drives to many leads... continue »

What Colors Appeal to Hispanics? (7 comments)
Biskuli & Ace - Examples of simplicity in Latin package designThe richer culture that we carry is a great source of inspiration, though many products don't look much elaborated, they have a rich color palette. I have found that yellow, green and red are the most consistent colors among almost all products I have reviewed... continue »

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