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Ask Marivi - About Package Design for Latin Appeal.
Welcome to ¿Ask Marivi? - Observations & Comments about design for Latino appeal.

What is ¿Ask Mariví?
¿Ask Mariví? is an on-going collection of observations about package design and branding familiar to the Latino/Hispanic marketplace. It's our way of learning about the stylistic conventions, visual patterns, and metaphors that appeal to Latino consumers.

Why are we doing it?
We're learning every day. As designers, there are simple steps we can take to include Latino sensibilities in our everyday thinking - not just to apply those sensibilities to targeted applications, but to include Latino appeal in the totality of design. Simple changes in typeface, imagery, color, or iconography can go a long way toward including the Latino perspective without reinventing the wheel or rolling out an entirely separate, targeted offering.

Who is Mariví?
Mariví is a bilingual communications designer with ten years of experience working in the Latin American market. She came to R.BIRD six years ago with tenures at Studio A/IDP, TBWA/Peru, TBWA/Worldwide, and TBWA/Chiat-Day where her client accounts included BBVA Bank, Toyota, Senegocia.com, Alprosa, and Grupo Gloria. Her unique background gives her first-hand knowledge of Latino culture and aesthetic patterns.

Are we experts in Latino design?
Not by a long shot. While we have more than 23 years of experience designing consumer, corporate, and interactive brands, we've just begun to include the richness of Latino culture in our daily practice. Ask us again in a few years. But don't wait too long; we're a quick study.

How can you participate?
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