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Brand & Package Design

R.BIRD plays a vital and strategic role in the life cycle of domestic and global brands. We create visual assets on which the marketplace success of consumer products depend.

We accomplish this with a range of design services, including new product concepts and redesign of established brands and packaging.

Build and leverage your brand equities through package design to ensure relevance to shifting consumer expectations.

Services Include:

Brand Innovation
New Packaging
Package Redesign
Line Extension
Design Refresh
Category Design Audit
Brand Website


Brand Identity & Package Design

Corporate ID & Communications Design

Corporate identity is the lead dog; the way to define or change the way you talk about your company for the next 3-5 years.

At R.BIRD, we recognize and work with all the components of corporate communications, both internal and external. We design the conceptual program and practical elements each company needs to deliver a cohesive, compelling message.

Services Include:

Internal Brands
Design Standards
Product and Service Collateral
Employee/HR Communications
Corporate Intranets and Internet
Special Projects


Corporated Identity & Communications Design


Usability & Interface Design

A website reduces all degrees of separation to a single point of contact. Between business problem and solution. Between seller and buyer. Between brand and consumer.

At R.BIRD, we concentrate on making these connections powerful and compelling. Web design is less than half the job; it serves to magnify the real challenge of creating functional, innovative and arresting solutions.

Services Include:

Workflow Solutions
Information Architecture
Brand Alignment
Special Projects


Usability & Interface Design


Brands Consulting Identity Packaging

Consultants in Brand & Packaging Design

R.BIRD & Company, Inc. is a New York identity and design consulting firm with 35 years of experience creating brand identity, packaging, corporate identity and internet applications. Its clients are internationally-recognized brands and strategy-oriented organizations.

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