Patterns: The Book (Cheap Tuesdays!)


Inspired by this article in the New York Times, I’m going to try some creative marketing and offer our book on package design, Patterns:The Book, at a special price every Tuesday!

According to author, Motoko Rich, Amazon (via the Kindle) has effectively set the bar for delivery of digital book content at just about $9.99. For many non-paper book buyers, that’s the limit.

Authors and publishers who differ claim that the reader is paying for content, not medium, and the price should be set accordingly.

As both author and publisher, I do agree and disagree with some features of each opinion. But, let’s see what happens in this real-world test! For a limited time, we will offer Patterns: The Book (PDF) for just $9.99 every Tuesday.

* Less than $1 for every category report
* A little bit more than a nickel ($0.06) for each observation
* Or, about 5 cents per page!

$9.99 on Tuesday

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Anonymous said:

Week 2.

5,000 hits were recorded. But, there was absolutely no change in regular buying patterns due to price reduction on Tuesdays.

This is fascinating and suggests that reduced pricing reduces perceived value along with purchase decisions.

Or, is this new pattern a result of consumer learning?

One more week.

Richard B. said:

Week 3.

Definitely a pop. Buys on the third Tuesday were 50% higher than normal.

Week 4 is about to begin. May be the last of the bunch, but will continue to track it.

Richard B. said:

Week 4.

This is odd: On week 4 of this experiment , there was absolutely no change in conversions. However, on the day after the offering expired, there was a noticeable uptick in purchases.

I cannot explain this. I’d like to hear your thoughts.

Finally, “Cheap Tuesday” is history!

dylan said:

I missed the last Cheap Tuesday last week by a day so I put a reminder in my calendar and found the offer gone today. Oh well, I’ll probably wait a bit and buy it a full price…I’ve always enjoyed your work. Keep it up.

Richard B. said:

@dylan - Missed your post somehow, Dylan. So, in your honor: Use the discount code “dylan” for 50% off any Patterns PDF publication offered on this page:

Patterns: The Book

In fact, the 50% discount code “dylan” is good for up to 100 readers of this post.

dylan said:


Thank you so much for your generosity. I just purchased the book and I’ll be urging others to do the same.

Keep up the great work.


Richard B. said:

Well, Cheap Tuesday is no longer a reality. Mostly because it was difficult to manage! Sorry.

Wait! There’s more.

So, for a limited time (who knows how long?) use the discount code “Tuesday” and your purchase of Patterns: The Book (PDF) will be $9.99, no matter what day it is.

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