Pascal, DaVinci, Frazetta, Dean and Mullen


In college, I studied fine art: Drawing, painting, and printmaking. I even traveled to Rome and Florence to study art history. As an aspiring illustrator, I had three significant influences at the time: Leonardo, Frazetta and Dean.

Today, while cleaning out my browser bookmarks, I found a link, that I saved as many as 10 years ago, to an artist I admired for the same reasons as the aforementioned trio. His works are, at the same time, fantastic, powerful and artistically sensitive.

Take a look! Pascal Blanche

P.S. As I acknowledge influences in this post, I must include Professor of Art and Dean of Humanities and Fine Arts, Emeritus, at State University of New York, James Mullen, (and more ) who taught all fortunate to be in his classes, “how to see,” the most valuable skill I have ever learned as an artist and creative thinker.

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Carol Gray said:

Rick, you are definitely one of the most talented and creative people out there. You certainly learned you lessons well.

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